Happy Endings
The following are pictures of some of the dogs that have been rescued by MapleCreek Miniature Schnauzer Rescue and placed in new homes.
Adam Holding Jack
Jonathan Holding Jack
Jack hit the jackpot with his new forever home, complete with Adam and Jonathan and all the love and care they give him.
Mojo found his perfect home with Sami. He is definitely a woman's dog and extremely well loved. Mojo is quite the gentleman.
Rose writes:  "Ella is doing so great. She is a fun girl to have around and is a hard working girl/official greeter and investigator of our customers. She is getting better at not barking at them when they walk in; we just need to work on the jumping up and wanting all their attention. She goes to the gym with me in the morning and waits in the car, then we come to work and take a walk, she attends our morning staff meetings then settles in my office for a nap. We then take another walk around noon and an afternoon walk."
"She is so much fun and loves Al too! She snuggles with him after dinner while I do the dishes, then she runs to the bedroom and watches TV with me. We have her trained to sleep in a crate. Not too many accidents either. We absolutely love her!"
Jackie Holding Cricket
Jackie writes:  "Little Cricket is doing great. She is a sweetheart. She and Sal are doing well together. He is a pretty mellow guy. We are working on life with the Kitties. She does want to chase but is getting the idea that is not her best choice. Rudy my old kitty just hissed and slapped her so she ignores him. Lucy the other kitty has always been skittish when her world changes, but with some time they will work it out."
"Cricket, Sal and I went down to my neighbor's for dinner last night. They love her as well. They have an older female dog and every one did great. I have brought her to work with me today, she has met and greeted everyone and now is napping. It will take us all a little time to get it figured out but we are all on our way."
"Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have Cricket in our lives. She is a love bug! I will keep you updated on life and get some more pictures to you. She has a new pink sparkle harness, leash and rain coat!"
Edie and Barry with Gabby and Jake
Barry writes:  "Jake is doing just great, no problems at all. He is such a perfect little boy and he and Gabby are getting along fine. Edie and I want to thank you very much for getting Jake to us."
Toby with Bernie and Evelyn
Toby is a loving little boy who had a very bad experience with a child. He is now very happily living in an adult-only home and will be doted on forever by his new parents.
Annie with John and Cherie
Cherie writes:  "When we first brought Annie home she was very nervous and timid. She hid in her crate most of the time and would not drink water. But she turned a corner a couple of days ago. Not only did she start drinking water, but her whole personality changed."
"Annie is not a shy little Schnauzer. She's a happy, extroverted, energetic little dog. She loves her walks and gets so excited her whole body shakes. She's a cuddle bug and loves to snuggle."
"She loves her home, her "mom and dad," and her homemade meals of veggies, brown rice, and meat. Last night she went to a hotel restaurant that allows pets with John and his two friends. This must have really impressed her. When they got home, she was so excited she squealed when she saw me, ran in circles, rolled over, and I swear, actually smiled. That was her way of telling me all about her night out with the guys."
"Our little Schnauzer MacKenzie died three weeks ago at 18 and 5 months. He lived a long, happy life. We were really missing him when Annie came up for adoption. She looks just like Mackie. Though we knew we could never "replace" Mackie, we hoped we'd find a dog that we could love and would love us. Well, that's our new little Annie. This is truly a happy ending for all of us."
Fritz with Sanders, Momma and Dad
Heather writes:  "Todd and I adopted Fritz in July 2007. He loves to 'talk' to us, and he's very vocal and is soooo loving. Fritz (darker coat) and Sanders (lighter coat) get along very well and have become great friends."
"Fritz is doing incredibly well, and we can't imagine our lives without him. Thank you so much for connecting us with Fritz. We truly believe he was meant to be our boy!""
Missy with Marge and Bob
Annie and Willie
Annie writes:  "Willie is doing great! Very loving, playful and fun to have around. Even my sister, who is not a 'dog person,' thinks he's pretty cool. He hasn't had an accident since the first week he was with me, so I no longer put him in the kennel while I'm at work. His kennel is still available to him, but he rarely uses it."
"Willy has his first appointment with a groomer soon. I'll send another picture of us after he gets groomed. He's adorable now, but he'll be even cuter then!"
Four Ladies in Idaho
That's Molly and Whitney in the front row, and Connie and Vicki in the back. They live in Idaho and visit back and forth. The dogs are "happy campers" in their new homes, enjoying lots of TLC.
In an update on Molly, Connie writes:  "Thank you for such a wonderful friend you gave us. When she came into our home she was afraid of going up and down the stairs, didn't know how to play, and was afraid to ride in our car. Now she loves to ride in our car with us, goes up and down the stairs, and enjoys our playtime. She is a real people pleaser. If she isn't sleeping in her bed, she is in bed with us."
"I prayed for a Schnauzer for two years, and what a wonderful answer to my prayers. We love her very much!"
Shanon with Rose and Iris
Rose and Iris with their Playmate Maggie
Rose and Iris are doing great! Each dog weighed 22 pounds when rescued, and they are losing weight and getting their girlish figures back. Iris is the sweetest, most courteous dog, and her little tail twirls a million times a second when you talk to her. They love to go on walks and are getting used to "a ride in the car."
Maggie was adopted by Janet in NW Portland. She was totally non-socialized and extremely shy when rescued, but is steadily improving now that she is living with her doting new "mom."
Freddie and John
John writes:  "Freddie is really fitting in nicely, following me everywhere and responding to my commands. He will watch me at a distance as I do chores like cutting the grass or watering the lawn. He has also become good friends with my wife's Chi Wawa Lila, and you will see them chasing each other at times or wrestling with each other."
"Every night after it cools off, we take our dogs for a walk which is something he looks forward to. When we return all he wants is to get in my lap and he nudges me every time I stop petting him. In the morning, he is waiting to play and be fed. He loves running on our acre of property and is always looking for our neighbors to stop by the fence and pet him. He is an older dog, but learns new things constantly, for example climbing stairs, jumping up to get in the car or finding an old bone hidden by our other dog."
"Freddie is getting more and more comfortable and sure of himself. He is a very loving dog and runs to greet me when I arrive home from work or when I leave in the morning. He is the perfect dog for me."