Adopting a Dog
If you're looking to acquire a Miniature Schnauzer, carefully consider adopting one that needs a home. Older dogs are sometimes available from breeders, for example a dog that has been shown that the breeder would now like to have in a pet home. However, most older dogs are ones which can no longer be kept by their owners.

Older dogs make wonderful pets, and are usually well socialized and already have their house manners. They adapt well to new homes.
Evaluation and Health Care
When dogs come into rescue, they are groomed and evaluated for temperament and health. But even before we accept a dog, we have the current owner complete a detailed Pet Profile form. Thus even before we receive a dog, we know a great deal about its history and habits, both good and bad. Then, during the time the dog is in its temporary foster home, our foster caregivers further evaluate the dog to help determine what type of permanent home situation will best meet its particular needs.

We do all that is necessary to ensure that our dogs are healthy and ready for their new homes. Veterinary services may include spaying or neutering, worming, shots, teeth cleaning, and other medical services as required.
Adoption Donations
We ask for an adoption donation for each dog to help cover the vet bill for the dog, upkeep while the dog is being fostered, and any transportation costs we incur. An adoption donation greater than that needed to cover our costs for a dog being adopted helps us take care of other dogs for which we do not receive adequate funds.
Evaluating Your Home Situation
We try to place our dogs in as close to the same situation as they came from, as long as it was a happy one. So while we gain a thorough understanding of each rescue dog's temperament and needs, it's just as important to get to know something about those wishing to adopt a dog and their home environments. This permits us to ensure the best possible match between dog, owner and home environment.
To begin the process we ask those wishing to adopt a dog to complete an Adoption Questionnaire. We also visit their homes to get to know them and gain an even better understanding of their home situation.
Availability of Dogs
If you would like to be placed on our waiting list to receive a rescue dog, please carefully follow the steps outlined below. We will contact you to discuss any dogs which appear to be a good match for you and your home situation.

Because the people on our waiting list who have been waiting the longest may not make the best fit for our newest rescue dog, they may not receive the first call. Some people on our list have very specific criteria to meet such as sex, color and age, or their situation with multiple children, cats or dogs might require a particular temperament. The more specific the criteria, the longer it might take to find just the right dog.

But keep in mind that most of our dogs are placed immediately with someone on our waiting list, so if you are interested in adopting be sure to follow the steps outlined below.
Steps to Adopting a Dog
  1. Unless you are an experienced Miniature Schnauzer owner, you will want to become familiar with the breed before making a final decision to adopt one. They are very cute, very smart, and make great companions. That's for sure! But every breed has its own temperament and needs, and you'll want to be sure a Miniature Schnauzer is a good match for you.

    An excellent place to begin is the American Miniature Schnauzer Club (AMSC) website. In particular, be sure to visit these pages:

       • The Miniature Schnauzer
       • The Official Standard for the Miniature Schnauzer
       • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    In addition, these pages on our website will provide information to help you with the decision to adopt, and with the care of your dog after you adopt:

       • Consider These Things before Adopting a Dog
       • Common Misconceptions about Breed Rescue Organizations
       • Helpful Hints for the Newly Rescued Dog
       • Care of Your Miniature Schnauzer between Groomings

    And finally, some warm and wonderful words of wisdom from an unknown author:

       • Second-Hand Dog

  2. Please read all of the other pages of this website to ensure that you understand all aspects of the adoption process. The links to the pages run across the top of each page just under the logo.

  3. Contact us via our Contacts page.

  4. After discussing your situation, you will be asked to complete an Adoption Application:

    1. If you have Microsoft Word on your computer, use Adoption Application in Word. You will be able to complete the form, save it to your hard drive, then e-mail it as an attachment.

    2. If you don't have Microsoft Word, use Adoption Application in PDF. You will be able to print it, fill it out in pen, and mail it.

  5. Upon receiving a dog, you will be asked to complete an Adoption Agreement. This agreement will be discussed when you first contact a rescue member about adopting a dog.